January 24, 2012
	Notice: HBZweb - Enhanced Security 

        Habib Bank AG Zurich has introduced a new authentication process called
        HBZotp(One Time Password) for its HBZsecure Key users in order to further
        enhance security for HBZweb transactions such as HBZcms, HBZwps, etc.
	Every HBZweb subscriber currently using a HBZsecure Key will have to register 
	either their mobile number or email ID.  Upon logging-in with the HBZsecure
	Key, a "one time password" (HBZotp) will be sent via SMS, email or both
	depending upon the subscription, for each session log-in.  This OTP will
	have to be entered before accessing services such as HBZcms, HBZwps, etc.
	Each SMS or email will contain an OTP as well as a reference number for the
	individual session and will also be displayed on the screen. This will allow
	the user to match the OTP with the correct session.  Each OTP will be valid
	for 5 minutes only.

	HBZotp will become mandatory effective from April 15, 2012. Customers are
	requested to subscribe to this service before the deadline for uninterrupted
	access to services. To apply, please download the application form by
	selecting "Download Request Form" from the option selection menu once you
	have logged into your HBZweb account.
	For any further clarification and assistance please contact your branch. 

	We thank you for choosing Habib Bank AG Zurich and assure you of our best
	service at all times.