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	Emirates Movable Collateral Registry (EMCR) is a new system aimed at helping
	secure  creditors  rights  over  movable  collateral in the UAE.   EMCR is a
	wholly owned subsidiary of Emirates  Development  Bank  and  aims to achieve
	the  objectives  set  forth in  Federal Law No. 20 of 2016 on the  Pledge of
	Movable Property as collateral for Debt.

	HBZ UAE will start to comply with these new  regulations.  These regulations
	are  applicable  for  all  borrowing  clients   who  have  provided  movable
	collateral  as  security  against  facilities.  The  regulation requires the
	details of all such  movable  collateral  to be  registered with EMCR.  All
	charges associated with the EMCR registration will be borne by the borrower.